.::Kickass Links::.

If you wanna show up here, e-mail me. A link back to my site would be helpful.

Cloud Nine: A Moonie's Heaven
Of course it's the bestest page in the world. Well, not really. This is my Sailor Moon site, made it sometime last year.

Mi amiga Allie's site. She's f'ing coooool. Go check out her site. NOW! :)

Alka's kickass site.

This site's great! Offers handmade hemp jewelry, anime and game related, also you can customize your own jewelry with any picture you want. Also, the webmaster was nice enough to link me, so you should definately visit them.

News Askew
Where I spend all my afternoons posting on the forums, and where I check up on all that's going on with Kevin Smith's flicks.

View Askew
Official View Askew site, with news and info about all of Kevin Smith's movies, and related films.

Spooky Land
Roman Dirge's Spooky Land is a site dedicated to his comics, one being Lenore. It's deliciously disturbing.

Jesus endorses Starbucks! You gotta check this out!

A place with kickass quotes, jokes, lots of funstuff. Guaranteed to entertain.

Way cool virtual pet thing.

Budweiser Lizards
This site has almost all the Budweiser Lizard commercials on video and soundfile. Absolutely f'ing hilarious, you gotta check it out.

The official website of the kickass magazine that I would get a subscription to if it didn't cost fifty bucks. Anyways, cool site, yatta yatta yatta. Anime yatta yatta yatta, niftiness etc. etc. Go check it out.

Save Our Sailors (SOS)
If you've ever been a fan of Sailor Moon and you have the internet, you've almost certainly been to this site. Has up to date news on Sailor Moon, games, how to do that thing Usagi does with her hair, etc.

The Official Mtv website
Mtv's kickass page that has stuff about shows, bands, news, plus you can download the WebRIOT game.

The Official Tom Green webpage. Very nifty, has pictures, info, you can download the Bum Bum song. <--A must!

Icarus Falls
My friend Jonny-than's page. Awesome poetry.

My friend Jay's page. He didn't tell me it's name, so I'm naming it Jay. Beautiful site.

One of the niftiest music players in the world. Plays mp's, wav's, midi's, and lots of other stuff. Very customizable.

You can basically find anything you want in here for a pretty cheap price.

Various Anime Related Links

Lina Inverse's Anime Website
SPIFFY site! With way funny and cool stuff. (Not to mention one of my fave authors)

Darkness Rising
One of the best places to find the best Slayers fanfic.

Phoenixfeather's MP3 Horde
The bestest place I've found to download anime mp3's and videos.

Theria's Anime Gateways
Another one of my FAVORITE Slayers fanfic writers. Also has fics from various other shows.

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